He is not a star, but an individual

About the artist

Ivan Grez - Russian tenor, the soloist of the largest Christofph Walter jazz-symphony orchestra (Switzerland) and the soloist of Neapolitan Ansamble named after the Misailovs, under the direction of Michael Podgaisky. Ivan Grez is the follower of the great Russian singer Antonina Nezhdanova’s vocal school and the disciple of the Moscow State Conservatory vocal teacher, soprano Natalie Dolskaya, the former soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre.

The artist carries out his fruitful work together with his co-worker, the Honoured artist of the Russian Federation Peter Khmelnitsky, the artist of Song and Dance Ensamble of Russian Army named after Alexzandrov. Ivan works on the programme of art music jointly with National Russian Balley Vozrozdenie directed by Valery Anuchin.


To bring back into Russia the world music, which is performed undeservingly little in this country nowadays. In co-authorship with Fyodor Rubtsov, the guitarist and arranger, the artist creates Russian versions of opera arias, musicals, old Russian and European songs and romances. He fills them up with an unanticipated meaning, adding the light of curious and quivering Russian soul to them.

To bring back the Russian music into this country, to make it popular in its Motherland. To search for the Russian roots in the world music hits. The music by Tchaikovsky, Rakhmaninov, Borodin and other Russian composers found its way in the repertoire of the world show entrepot’s stars. Meanwhile, it’s not as popular in its Motherland.

Ivan Grez has realised his musical and poetic gust in his new music programme “To Love it’s not possible to Part”.

The show - “To love it’s not possible to part” (you’’ll fix the comma in the right place after the concert)

The random phrase, spoken by the well-known designer Sergey Pronin, became a non-random name for the music programme - “To Love not Possible to Part”. Just think about the music as a story about encounters and partings, despair and hopefulness, devotion and hunger for changes. All these are so interrelated.  Not always can people realise when one feeling is being changed for another one. Our relations are much more fragile than we can think. The music, lyrics and the atmosphere of his music programme will remind you about it.

Concert show programme “To Love not Possible to Part” has been created jointly with National Russian Ballet “Vozrozdenie”. The “Vozrozdenie” ballet originates from the great Russian ballet dancer Maya Plisetskaya. Today Valery Anutchin, the art director of Maya Plisetskaya ballet is the “Vozrozdenie” ballet creative director. He continues the best traditions of the Russian ballet, adding dynamism and modern innovation to it.

The voice

Many people mark the rare combination of vocals, which enables Ivan Grez to fulfill any music concept and make the audience wonder and enjoy while listening to his singing. He has a high voice with dramatic tones. Two septenary voice which is worthily considered to be a great merit for an opera singer, and a very soft quality of voice create an inimitable romantic atmosphere of his performance. When his transparent “piano” changes for the powerful passage this often gives the creeps to the audience. In his arias and songs every single word is clear and it reaches the hearts of his listeners, making them think and feel an emotional outburst. These words are not just customary embellishment; they are just quotations from numerous estimations by his listeners. You can read them yourselves on Internet, and first of all on his Youtube music site.

To my listeners:

“Dear friends, nowadays a singer possesses unique opportunities. There are well established vocal schools and wonderful music equipment, there is Internet where millions of people can see and hear you. In this environment a desire to become a star often arises. But I am so happy I could escape the temptation. My previous life, my experience let me realize that the notorious star-fever is nothing else but vanity. The most important for me is to have my audience, even if it’s not large. If you listened to me and wanted to learn more about me, if you are reading these lines now – that means I have made one more step towards my own auditorium, toward you, my dear listeners. Yes, I did not come into music at one stroke. But only because I has been collecting diverse impressions during all my life I managed to become what I am. I am ready to carry my music and my soul toward you, which means similar things to me. The artist is not bestowed to know if his labour will be evaluated. But this very uncertainty attracts me. It’s time to listen to the music now…” Press here to start.

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